Costa Rica: La Paz Waterfall Gardens, 22 March 2016

La Paz Waterfall Garden

Yesterday evening, we obtained some tour brochures from the travel desk at our hotel. I actually generally hate bus tours, but unfortunately, we wanted to check out the waterfalls near San Jose, and short of renting a car, it wasn’t exactly accessible. The tours offered by the hotel travel desk didn’t work for us, as they all started too early, and were way too long. We wanted something that didn’t pack in too much, didn’t take too long (~5 hrs), and didn’t start too early.

Enter Anywhere Costa Rica. After a quick google, we found a tour that fit our description. I booked it online at around 4 pm, and by 5 pm, we got an e-mail confirmation that we’re booked for a 6ish hr tour that sets off from our hotel at 10 am. I highly recommend them – we paid US 88 per person all-inclusive, and I thought it was good value.

10 15: Guide is there, right on time.

11 15: Brief pit stop for coffee at a plantation (tres generracion, if anyone cares), while others who haven’t prepaid for the tour cough out their fees. I got a cafe con leche – it was ok.

La Paz Waterfall Garden

12 30: We were ushered into the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, which is a sort of nature theme park with a lodge. It’s a little tourist trap-ish, because basically, a tour operator built a hotel beside these gorgeous falls, and started an animal sanctuary. It was some sort of zoo/fall thing.

13 00: High carb buffet lunch was included. Nothing to report here. The bathroom sink tap was kinda cool.

Sink and tap at La Paz Waterfall Gardens

14 00: Lots of plants, animals, insects, and amphibians. The frog is pretty – and I don’t like frogs. Toucans are cute (if a little scary, when trying not to become a walking target of bird dodo)!

La Paz Waterfall Garden

15 00: Falls are dramatic. The falls alone are quite worth the trip.

La Paz Waterfall Garden

16 00: Back on the bus, and headed back to San Jose. Nap time! 18 00: Picking up bags from hotel #2 back to hotel #1, which is close to the airport, for our early flight out the next morning.

La Paz Waterfall Garden


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