Houston Hobby Airport

06 00: I dropped our keys into the express check-out box, we hopped onto the shuttle, and went to San Diego Terminal 1 for our flight to Houston Hobby. The mister has a bad tummy ache.

12 00 – 19 00: Hobby airport is really good for connections – simple and hassle-free. We didn’t head out, because mister’s tummy ache has devolved into a situation that requires proximity to the bathroom.

20 00: Rowdy drunk spring breakers on our flight, ugh!. Thankfully, our flight is quite empty, and we had the last three rows to ourselves, easing mister’s discomfort.

23 00: Immigration was quick. Many taxi drivers clamoring outside – very glad I pre-booked our transportation to the hotel. P.S. Costa Rica has Uber! ZZZ