Accompaniments to tacos al pastor

10 30: We (meaning he) drove to Calexico East, as there was no wait time. We breezed through immigration … so easy to leave, so hard to return!

11 00: He took me to his favorite taco al pastor place that’s by the junction of the street he lived. We killed 5 tacos al pastor each (18 pesos = ~ 1 USD)

Tacos Al Pastor 11 00 – 14 30: Mucho Mexican love. I sat like a deer in headlines (no habla espanol)

14 30 – 15 15: I got treated to a fun activity of how Mexicans find each other. They played car tag, where his cousin and him were calling each other and trying to find each other on the highway. That was an adventure.

15 30: 3 more tacos al pastor bite the dust.

16 00: Raspado. Some Mexican shaved ice thing – my stomach is officially hating me.


16 30: More family time for him.

18 30: Time to go to Estadio B-Air. Oh boy, I do love the concession stand offerings there. There’s only so much overpriced hot dogs, burgers and nachos I can eat!

World Baseball Class at Estadio B-Air

19 30: Team Mexico kills Team Nicaragua. The mercy was so sick, Nicaragua fans in the stands were jeering their own team. πŸ˜›

22 15: Don’t ever go to Calexico West. We waited for 1hr 40 min to get to immigration.

0030: ZZZZ