Southwest Airlines

10 45: My first Southwest flight! (free is beautiful! Companion pass is even more awesome) I checked in yesterday at ~10.46 am, and got B20. We still wound up with a window + middle seat – flight was full (I will write a more extensive review of Southwest after I’m done with all these flights).

13 30-14 30: Dash out of airport, toilet break, hop on rental car shuttle, schmooze with rental car agent because we’re driving into Mexico. 14.30 – out of gate, and on the way to El Centro. I passed out for both the flight and the drive, because I only slept 1 hr after power grading through some finals.

16 00: In & Out at El Centro. Hello Double Meat Animal-Style and well-done fries! It’s been 6 years almost to date!

18 00: Quesadillas at a Mexican diner (Celia’s). We spent the night at my partner’s grandparents’ place. I passed out at 19 00, and only woke up at 9 00 the next day.

True love - In & Out