Lounge Review: Sala VIP Cibela, Madrid, Spain, T1, 26 December 2015

Madrid T1 Sala VIP Cibeles

Located right after passport control, the lounge is actually rather large, it’s just that the full seating availability is not evident when you first enter.

I was here around noon, and it was very busy. The food offering is not exactly inspiring – think of it as food available at 7-Eleven. They had a lot of pre-packaged sandwiches, pastas, rice, and falafel. If you wanted your food hot, you could use the microwave, and then throw it on a plate. This is really self-serve in its highest form. The food did its job, but really didn’t taste good. As I was walking by a Burger King later, I wish I ate that instead (but I’m too cheap to pay for food)

Madrid T1 Sala VIP Cibeles

The wifi was fast, and the beverage offering was nice. They also have a Nespresso machine, so that kept me well-caffeinated, and thus, happy.

Overall, this is a middling lounge, but it has everything that you would need. The food is kinda bleah, but if you’re hungry, or want to grab stuff fast for your trip, it’d do the job. Just don’t be expecting to like your food.

Madrid T1 Sala VIP Cibeles


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