Seatac Alaska Airlines Boardroom N Concourse Location, location, location. It is a pretty small lounge, but it is very modern, and clean, and offers the same amenities (sans ample bathrooms) as the D concourse, but probably at about half the size. But as it is located at N concourse, where many Alaska Airlines flights depart, its location is a selling point, if you are flying Alaska Airlines.

I was there on a Thursday morning (~9 am), it was not too crowded. There are two seating areas divided by the entrance. To the left, there’s a co-working table, and some tables, and the right are the TV screens, with some sofas and tables. The more relax-y half of the Boardroom is also where the bar is located.

Seatac Alaska Airlines Boardroom N Concourse

Despite its compact size, it offers about the same things as the D concourse boardroom – pancake printer, Starbucks machine, etc. The power points are also pretty adequate, and the boardroom offers tarmac views.

So, how do you choose between the two? Well, it really boils down to which terminal you are flying out of. It is nice not to have to leave the D concourse Boardroom 15 min before boarding to hop on the train. Now you just have to roll out 5 mins before boarding if you are flying Alaska Airlines.