Market Street

After getting in on the British Airways business class sale to Europe, and doing some calculations, I realized that I have enough Elite Qualifying Points (EQP) to make AAdvantage Gold from that trip. Unfortunately, I did not sign up for the AAdvantage Elite Challenge when it was open. So, now I have a problem – I am short of two AA segments for Gold. I mulled over this for a while, and was trying to decide if making AAdvantage Gold/OneWorld Ruby is going to be worth my time next year. It did take some willpower on my part to not go on some crazy mileage runs just to get status for the sake of getting it. I am trying to stick with my rule of only purchasing tickets to places I’d want to visit, instead of doing a pure mileage run.

Thankfully, after playing around with different options on Google flights, and waiting around for a while, I finally caught a break – Alaska Airlines had a sale (sorta, USD 183) to San Francisco. In my last day trip to San Francisco, I didn’t have too much time to explore San Francisco after attending a San Francisco Giants game. So, this would be an opportunity for me to explore more of this fun city.

I wasn’t going to shell out 183 USD for a day trip to San Francisco, but I do have quite a number of Citi Thank You points sitting around. They are excellent value for making American Airlines redemptions, because you can redeem them for 1.6x their value on the Thank You portal. So, this flight just costs me ~11,400 Thank You points, no money out of the pocket, and I’ll get the segments I need, and also get mileage credit on my AAdvantage account.

Looking forward to this trip!