I got in on the British Airways premium fare sale last week (transatlantic business class for ~1000 USD, without Avios discounts), and while I actually had no plans of flying again this year, this mileage running opportunity (more on that later) was a bit too good to pass up.

23 Dec: Madrid, Spain

24 Dec: Madrid, Spain – Lisbon, Portugal

25 Dec: Lisbon, Portugal

26 Dec: Lisbon, Portugal – Madrid, Spain – Rabat, Morocco

27 Dec: Rabat, Morocco – Casablanca, Morocco

28 Dec: Casablanca, Morocco – Marrakesh, Morocco

29 Dec: Marrakesh, Morocco – Madrid, Spain

30 Dec: Madrid, Spain

31 Dec: Madrid, Spain

While others with bountiful British Avios managed to get their out-of-pocket costs down to around ~300 USD for a transcontinental Business class flight, I don’t have any Avios. Nevertheless, this trip makes a lot of sense to me. I get to fly to Europe in Business class comfort at Economy class fares (Seattle is generally not a great market for fare sales to Europe), and in addition to that, because of a OneWorld deal, flying transatlantic in business or first class will give me 25,000 bonus miles in AAdvantage. As a result of this ~$1000 trip, not only will I get to visit three countries I haven’t been, but I will get around 45,000 miles, which is good for either an economy round trip to Central America, or a one-way business class ticket to South America.