Lounge Review: Changi Airport Terminal 3 Ambassador Transit Lounge, 07 October 2015

Changi Airport Terminal 3 (SIN) Ambassador Transit Lounge

Located beside the complimentary Butterfly Garden, the Ambassador Transit Lounge is decorated in very modern décor upon entry, but the seating is very tight. They have a three-hour limit, which is strictly enforced – they put a sticker on you, with the time you are allowed to stay until upon check-in.

Changi Airport Terminal 3 (SIN) Ambassador Transit Lounge

There are two advantages of the Ambassador Transit Lounge over the Dnata Lounge: food and showers. They have a rather similar buffet offering to the Dnata Lounge, but they do have a cooked-to-order counter. The dish of the day is tom yum noodle soup. Their hot stations consisted of butter rice, roast chicken, veggies, veggie pie, and chicken bun. They also had a very nice-looking salad bar. I was too stuffed to eat anything at this point, so let’s just assume they were edible.

Their showers also looked very posh. The shower area is probably almost as large as the seating area itself, and there are plenty of shower stalls. I am guessing that many people come here to shower, and take a nap (they offer nap rooms going for 42 SGD for 3 hour blocs, with additional hours costing 14 bucks per hour).

Changi Airport Terminal 3 (SIN) Ambassador Transit Lounge

Otherwise, if you are looking to relax, I’d probably pick the Dnata Lounge over the Ambassador Transit Lounge. While I am actually allergic to alcohol (and hence, alcohol offerings don’t concern me), the Ambassador Transit Lounge does not offer self-serve alcohol (or at least I couldn’t find it). Also, the seating was really tight. It was quite a challenge for me to keep my luggage out of everyone’s way. On a positive note, they do have two massage chairs, and some of their sofas look towards the butterfly garden, so you can enjoy the view.

Also, their power plugs are universal power plugs, but I tried two sockets, and neither of them worked. Bummer.


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