Another travelling day – we moved from Kaohsiung to Hong Kong. What was uneventful travel turned out to be more exciting – we had to keep up to date with the weather report, as a typhoon was coming to this part. Our flight was delayed for two hours, but we were informed in time, so we arrived in the airport in time for our flight. Although we got there in time, there was another delay, as the plane coming to pick us up couldn’t land. The typhoon that was coming was starting with bring with it strong winds and an insane amount of rain. The Taiwanese were certainly prepared – they took down all the signage hanging at the airport, and changed the automatic doors to create air traps. It was quite an experience for me, waiting it from the safety of the Kaohsiung Airport.

In Hong Kong, we stayed at the Royal Plaza Hotel in Mongkok, Kowloon. It is located beside a huge mall, Grand Century Place, and inside Grand Century Place, is the Mongkok East MTR station. A 15-min walk will bring you to Mongkok MTR station, and there is also a bus transit centre in Grand Century Place, making Royal Plaza Hotel very convenient. The rooms were average, but there was a nice little sitting area that was like a balcony, and the views were decent. Mainly a residential area.

The gym was a little smaller, and had about four, up-to-date treadmills, two stepmasters, and about the same number of stationery bikes as treadmills. They also had a couple of weights machines, and a decent-sized swimming pool.

We had dinner at a Teochew place on the 7th floor of Grand Century Place. It was cheap, but also very forgettable. Thankfully, dessert made up for it, as I had my favourite Hui Lau Shan 許留山, which specialises in fruity desserts, particularly mango. They also have other Chinese desserts like hashima and bird’s nest. I went with my usual order of Mango Warrior 芒果神兵, which is mango pudding, mango puree, mango cubes, topped with mango ice cream. Costs around 40 HKD, which works out to around 7 SGD. If you are a mango fan, do try it!

Massive pedestrian bridge at Mongkok

Garden Street from the Mongkok pedestrian bridge

Mango Warrior

Hongkongers’ entertainment at night