Taiwan – Kaohsiung, 28 August 2011

In the morning, my family went on a tour of Kaohsiung, which I did not follow, since I have already been to the places they intended to visit (Foguang Temple, Ai he, etc.). So, it was another food and gym morning for me. I stuffed my face with more macaroons, this time, an earl grey one, and spent 1.5 hours in the gym, working off this food trip.

In the afternoon, I bumped into my dad, who was on his way to the Pacinko parlor, so I followed him there again. Not sure where it is exactly, but the next time you are there, and dying for some Pacinko fun, there is some to be had in Kaohsiung!

We had an excellent buffet dinner in Grand Hi-lai hotel, before going to Liuhe Night Market 六和夜市. It was quite a drizzly night, so we sped through it. Didn’t take any photos, as it was drizzling. Also, I have pictures of the place from a previous trip, so that lessened my motivation even further.

Earl Grey Macaroon

Grand Hi-Lai Hotel is the 2nd highest building in Kaohsiung; this is the highest at 85


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