As we couldn’t get tickets out of bali on 25 June, we ended up spending two full unintended days in Bali. Since some of the crew haven’t been to Bali, we hired a car, and went on a food/sight-seeing (well, mainly food) tour of Bali on 25 June 2011, we brought us to eat some babi guling (suckling) pig in Denpasar, and a banana dessert place amidst the rice fields in Ubud. Minimal pictures, because I was quite lazy with whipping out the camera (especially given that C was more than happy to take food pictures), well, and also because I am not a huge pork fan. The general consensus is that pork in Indonesia is good.

On Sunday, C and I went for a one hour surfing lesson. Bali is way better for beginner surfers than Hawaii. There was less space for a lot more people learning how to surf in Hawaii, and consequently, it was just an accident waiting to happen. After my endless attempts (I think this is my fourth try in my fourth country), I finally managed to stand on the board twice, thanks to our instructor Eddie. It was quite cheap, I think about 100,000 rupiah for two of us for one hour or something like that. There are several surfing spots in Bali for varying skill levels. Due to my paranoia about reef breaks, we went to Kuta beach, where there was a beach break, and endless waves that gave beginners endless time to stand on the board. For the kamakazee type of surfers, there are other options involved in other parts of the island. Just go check out wannasurf.

Our Caffeine Sampler somewhere in Kuta

Cool Vintage Car in Kuta

Banana Fritters

Amazing Waves at Kuta