Another day of aimless wandering. Anyway, I decided to take in some of the touristy offerings of old downtown Amman, so I headed to the Roman Theater, and the Nymphaeum. I thought it was quite impressive that these old megaliths are right smack in the middle of a downtown, where people are busy getting from point to point, and going about their daily business.

After being vaguely done with the core, I decided to move upwards. There are ring roads emanating from old downtown of Amman, and they kinda climb in height. To get a sense of downtown Amman, I decided to trek up to the first circle, and explore it. Also, I heard about the cafes of Rainbow street on the first circle, and needed a change of cafe scene, so up I went.

It seems that a different crowd visits this area. It definitely seems younger. People in old downtown Amman appear to be middle-aged, while the crowd hanging around Rainbow street are probably closer to their twenties. I think part of this is also reflected in the names of some of the shops. Some shops try to update the appeal of the good ol’ schwarma (sliced meat) by calling their shops funky names like Schwamama. I thought that was quite funny! After some strolling, I needed to get some work done, so I settled on a cafe that was perched by the hill, and proceeded to work until sunshine, when the hues of the setting sun coloured the town a warm orange.

I then slowly made my way back downtown, which basically involved me randomly walk down without any real idea of where I was, except I had to descend. Working without a map and getting lost in a city can be quite fun, but erm, not for the faint-hearted. I did end up going through some cool streets like those that specialized in selling shoes; a house that decided to paint its walls with fake windows and plants to make it seem cooler than white walls; and also walked by a movie theater that seemed to offer more *ahem* adult films. 🙂

Shwarmama - they come up with funky names to sell shwarma

An update of the good ol’ shwarma
Downtown Old Amman

Downtown Amman from first circle (Jordanian flag to the right)

Downtown Old Amman

Sunset in Amman
Someone decorated their entrance!Someone decorated their wall!