I wanted to explore different facets of Amman, so after reading about new Amman in the west, I took a cab to the new downtown with its big malls. I went to City Mall, which was shaped like a spaceship in the movies, complete with glassy exteriors, and filled with a shopper’s paradise. Well, anything you can get from any other mall in the world was in this mall, and in the food court, there were fastfoods like KFC, Carl’s Junior, McDonald’s, etc. Well, you get my drift.

It was pretty crowded. I went to the food court for lunch, and definitely had a lot of trouble finding a seat – it was packed. Anyway, after I found a seat, two ladies asked if they could share my table, and of course, I said yes. Interestingly, after listening to them talk for a bit, I realized that they were speaking in Indonesian. So I just kinda said hi, asked them where they were from (Java, I think), and what they were doing here. Turns out they are working in Jordan. Interesting. I wonder if it’s an Islamic world thing, that brings these ladies to Jordan for work.

After lunch, I just sat down, and did some of my readings for the next quarter. Not a particularly exciting day, but I do what I do best on vacation – chill out, and try and see different sides of the country. I saw the modern side of Jordan, and got some work done.
City Mall, Modern Amman

Exterior of City Mall, Amman

City Mall, Modern AmmanInterior of City Mall, Amman