Another late start, no thanks to my inability to wake up in the morning!

It was quite a short itinerary. I mainly wanted to go to the Top of the Rock, and get a bird’s eye view of Manhattan. Being on the ground in Manhattan was a serious strain on my neck – so many skyscrapers.

The view certainly did not disappoint, although the weather was not so kind for photo-taking. Manhattan was certainly a city of skyscrapers. The pedestrians and cars on the ground looked like little ants from the Top of the Rock. It was inspiring just standing there. I do wonder if I will ever live in this vibrant city.

Lunch followed. I bought lunch at Bubba Gump (think this is my fourth!) for M, who was an excellent guide! Then I took another express bus for Newark Airport.

Side note on travelling:

While waiting for the flight, which was overbooked, the flight attendant asked for volunteers to give up their seats, with compensation (400 USD, hotel stay, and food vouchers, guaranteed seat on next flight out). If I did not have a tutorial the next day, I would have taken it. Note to self: build in some flexibility in future trips, so that if the opportunity arises, I can take it.

Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center is up, but hidden!

Lower Manhattan from Top of the Rock

Upper Manhattan from Top of the Rock

NYC from Top of the Rock