After a few days of long journeys, I decided to sleep in today. That’s what vacations are for, right?

At noon, I sauntered out of my guesthouse for lunch. Stopped at a pretty cool sports-themed bar, and had fish and chips. It faced the sea, and the very powerful sea breeze was toppling everything in the restaurant!

After lunch, the sweltering heat and the slow pace of life in Caye Caulker led me to a very cute pastel-coloured ice cream palour, where I enjoyed my frosty dessert. Following that, I simply went back to my room, sat in my balcony, and read, looking up every once in a while to enjoy the placid blue waters.

After a few hours of reading, the tummy rumbled again, so I headed out for dinner. First, I headed for the bar at the split, which looked pretty awesome and fun, but did not serve food. I ended up having a lobster pasta at another restaurant, which was pretty decent value for money. I debated the merits of going for trivia night, but in the end, the mind was willing, but the body had other ideas, so I headed back to my guest room, but not before grabbing a beer from the local grocery for a sampling.

Some interesting notes:

1. All the grocers are Chinese!

2. There is a bar that’s on the third floor, and has swings for seats. Pity it was empty. Was told it used to be an excellent reggae bar!

Creative Beauty Salon in a Cute Hut

Sports Bar with an Awesome Sea Breeze

Go Slow

The Split; there’s a sunken bar a little to the left

Lighthouse Lager – pretty nice and light! (about 4%)