Part of my plan for this Central America tour is to hunt for surf waves, and there is reportedly surf to be found on Isla Mujeres, which is an island a little off Cancun. So, the morning started with an attempt to get to the ferry terminal to get to Isla Mujeres.

Apparently, nobody told me that the map wasn’t drawn to scale. What looked like a 1.5 mile-30 minute walk turned out to be much further. After walking for a good 30 minutes under the sweltering hot sun, I threw in the towel, and hopped onto a cab. It was another 5 minutes by cab.

Thankfully, I managed to catch the 10.30 ferry to Isla Mujeres for 70 P (6 USD). It was a comfortable 30 minute ride in an air-conditioned ferry. For more information on ferry services, go to this site .

After hopping off the ferry, I hired a motorcycle. Another more popular form of transportation for tourists on this island would be the golf cart. Think it costs me around 10 USD to hire it for an hour. It doesn’t cost much more to hire it for half a day (maybe around 15 USD?), but yeah, I didn’t want to spend that much time zipping around. The golf carts were about 5 USD more.

Zipping around, it became evident that there were no waves to be found in the calm, azure waters. Nevertheless, the Caribbean waters are gorgeous! The clear, azure waters must have made snorkeling remarkable! It wasn’t a wasted trip, and Isla Mujeres was definitely less hectic than Cancun.

After my hour on the bike was up, I decided to return via another route, so that I can explore another part of Cancun – the hotel zone where many foreign tourists wall themselves off from Mexican society. Also, I was on a mission to add to my uncle’s collection of Hard Rock Cafe bears.

Once again, distances on the map REALLY do not indicate the actual distance. One would have thought that I would have learnt my lesson by now, but well, apparently not! I thought I was gonna get skin cancer just walking from point to point under the sun. Apart from the very beautiful Caribbean waters, the hotel zone seems to be some sort of home-away-from-home for tourists, where they can busk in the sun, do some shopping, and think they are on a holiday. In other words, I found it rather charmless. And, they were out of Hard Rock Cafe bears. Grr.

Journey back, I got lost once again, since I took the wrong bus, which kinda brought me into the suburbs of Cancun. Erm, I guess I learnt that the drainage system is not so good, since there were like ankle floods from some rain earlier in the day? Oh well …

Gorgeous Waters

Saw an iguana

Fake Pirate Ships in the Hotel Zone