Today was a travelling day that started out early in the morning in Seattle, and ended in the evening in Cancun.

Two main observations from all the traveling, one of which has nothing to do with traveling:

1) I am seriously considering never checking in my luggage, unless necessary. Without check-in luggage, I made a world record in clearing customs. Although of course, my world record at clearing customs meant I spent more time than anyone else, waiting for the bus from Cancun International Airport to Cancun.

2) I am still as horrible as I can remember with reading maps. I went in the wrong direction about 3 times, and got so horribly lost, that a 15 minute walk ended up being a 2 hour hunt. Yes people, DON’T EVER HAND ME THE MAP! Well, on a brighter note, I managed to see the Municipal Palace in Cancun, which was all dolled up for Grito, and I also managed to eat a 15P hot dog. (about 1.30 USD)

Municipal Palace

Excellent (probably artery-clogging) Hotdog