We didn’t have a plan, we didn’t have a guide. But we did have a full day before our overnight ship leaves at 10ish.

After poring over the maps we filched along the way, and for convenience’s sake, we ended up at Amoudara beach. Well, there was a bus right in front of our hotel that went straight to Amoudara. Kinda hard to argue with that! It was a nice scenic bus ride, and we basically did the thing whereby we got off the bus when everyone else did, and just kinda followed them, and found the beach. Heh!

The beach was long, there were plenty of sunbathers, and there was a cafe strategically located. It was actually really warm out there. I tried to go barefoot on the beach, and almost burnt my feet. Had to run back to get my flip flops. Waters were definitely warm enough for a real comfortable swim.

After our little beach outing, we basically just sat around at our hotel lobby, waiting for the time to board our ship. The ship was definitely well worth our 60 EUR. It wasn’t fancy, but hey, you can’t argue with a bed and a bathroom, versus sitting out on the boat for the whole night (like we did when we went from Athens to Tinos).

Amoudara Beach, Crete

Amoudara Beach