Grand plan for today was to go to Knossos, the remains of the Minotoan civilization. We walked to the town center of Heraklion, Crete, and we took bus A to Knossos. Small tip: try to buy a return ticket, as it is cheaper.

The remains in Knossos has a museum, which is pretty nice. Also, it’s a nice respite from  the crazy heat. Personally, we perhaps should have gotten a guided tour, which might have added value to the experience. I don’t know anything about the Minotoan civilization, and I still don’t, to this day. I thought the ruins seemed a little strange, as the restoration made it look a little weird. This was a good half-day trip. But I guess if you had more interest in ancient cultures, you would find this trip more enjoyable.

Around mid-day, we took a bus back to Heraklion for some lunch, and a short walk through the market. After some rest, we decided to walk out to the Venetian fort. It was pretty darn windy, but that did not daunt young Greeks from practicing their sailing. We had a little drink at one of the cafes overlooking the waterfront, and waited for evening to come.

Anyway, we finally broke. After many, many days of eating variations of gyros pita, we could no longer deal with it. Guess where we ended up? McDonald’s. Not particularly proud of it, but it was a change.

Knossos, Crete

Minotoan Ruins at Knossos

Knossos, Crete

Murals at some of the ruins

Venetian Fort, Crete

Looking out from the Venetian Fort

Wall Painting, Crete

Graffiti at the Venetian Fort