Day trip time! We wanted to explore some of the little islands near Athens, and mainly, the rest of the crew were finally ruin-ed out as well, so we decided to head to the island of Hydra, from the port of Piraeus. Getting to Piraeus from Athens was a metro ride away, and while details are fuzzy now, I’m going to put money on about 30 mins by metro from our hostel. Hydra is a little over an hour away from Piraeus by the fast ferry.

We had no problems getting the tickets to Hydra (~25 EUR one way), so I guess there’s no real need to book in advance. After a scenic journey, we arrived in Hydra at around 10 am. The first sight was actually pretty interesting – donkeys. They offered some sort of donkey joy ride if you didn’t particularly feel like walking, and at the port of Hydra, there are many waterfront cafes, if you so wish.

We decided to walk around a little. Hydra is actually quite an interesting place. There is some altitude involved, as there are many stairs, which will lead you to different sights like churches. It’s all built upwards, and stairs connect much of this fort-like island (well, actually, there’s a fort, too). We just ended up wandering around. If you head towards the right of the island (orienting from the point you left the ferry), there are actually some good swimming spots with clear blue waters, though it involved descending a fairly long flight of stairs.

We had a nice little lunch at one of the cafes behind the main row of cafes at the waterfront, and shelled out 3 EUR for another gyros pita. I fed some of mine to some of the cute cats, which seemed to be everywhere on the island of Hydra. ‘Twas a nice day trip!

Transportation in Hydra

Waterfront of Hydra

Endless Stairs of Hydra

Stairs of Hydra 

Swimmers in Hydra

Swimmers at Hydra