Second full day in Athens. Ankle is still swollen, but walk, I shall. Before embarking on our exploration of the Greek ruins, we actually spent some time in the morning looking for the police station. I was pickpocketed on the train from the airport a couple of days ago, so we ended up having to make a police report so I can make insurance claims. It was a fairly interesting experience, as it was the first time I ever had to go into a police station in another country. When we arrived, there appeared to be a family of sorts yelling at each other (domestic drama?), coupled with a bored policeman trying to get away from the drama. My paperwork didn’t take long – just a form, and a photocopy. But well, interesting times!

More exploration of the Greek ruins today. First we went to a little museum within the complex, which had some of the more intact remains, along with explanations. Next, we climbed up the Parthenon. What can I say? Many stairs? For fans of ruins, it’s worth your time. I was kinda ruin-ed out, and in pain, so all I can remember is being thankful for the cafe at the bottom of the hill.

As I am on a tight budget, I ended up going for the cheapest thing available – a pita bread wrap. It was a nice pita bread with some olive oil, stuffed with meat kebab, fries, tomato, lettuce, sour cream, and made into a wrap. They cost around 2EUR, and are tasty and filling. This was washed down with some of local beer. Good times.



Pork Gyros Pita-- My staple for the next 10 days

Pork Gyros Pita

Which is the real deal?

Amstel Beer