Day started with a walk of Sisowath Quay, where riverside cafes selling “Happy Herb Pizza” (pizza with marijuana) dot the place, alongside grand colonial hotels, not to mention the royal place.

Afternoon was a futile stroll through large Phnom Penh towards the Russian Market. Halfway, I gave up, and simply hired a moto to send me there. The Russian market feels familiar, it feels like People’s Park when I was still a young child, with cloth shops, butchers all found within one complex. What drew me most, however, was the legendary pirated books store, where they basically copy books. Of course, the guy managed to earn US 34 out of me, as I stocked up on academic titles.

Late afternoon/evening was a long wait at the guesthouse for my room to be cleaned up. As a result, I ended up not being able to se the Silver Pagoda. Oh well. Bought the ticket out of Phnom Penh, towards Siem Reap. There goes my plan to visit Sambor Prei Kuk as well. *shrugs*