The day involved a journey across countries. I also had my first taste of corruption with Vietnamese authorities. As my bag was stored at the bus compartment, it was wheeled away in a cart. I didn’t think much about it, but when I tried to retrieve it after the Vietnamese border, the immigration official demanded money before allowing me to retrieve my packs. What irked me most was how he smugly pointed to his batch, indicating his right to the money. As if extortion was something to be proud about! Out of sheer annoyance and disgust, I just left a minimal amount, grabbed my packs and left without turning around.

The transition between the two countries is great. In Vietnam, concrete houses lined the roads, but in Cambodia, wooden houses lined the roads. And perhaps due to the slightly different climates, there were fields upon fields of golden harvest.

Phnom Penh, being the capital city is not exactly built up. It resembles a backwater town in Malaysia more than a capital city of a country. However, having said that, no effort is spared with regards to ornamenting religious sites!

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