My stay in Munich is very much characterised by day-trips, as evident from my second day-trip of my 3-night stay– Dachau concentration camp.

My mixture of emotions felt at the memorial site is perhaps best summarised by my oft-moist eyes that always threatened to overflow as I looked through the exhibits. Just like the intense fear that I felt at the Marienburg Fortress through my empathy with the prince-bishops, I could feel the intense pain of the forces of brutality, and morbidity of events that have passed, and at the same time, the basic goodness in humean hearts that kept many alive as well! Someone once commented that the only thing you learn from history is that you learn nothing from history. Perhaps it’s because humans choose to disregard the lessons of history? I hope they will remember, that such memories will remain where they are– sealed.

I experience another Germanic Sunday, where my efforts to shop for souvenirs was thwarted, though it was well concluded by a nice dinner of Jagerschnitzel (schnitzel with cream mushrooms) and leberkas (meat loaf), yummy!

Where the camps used to be

Bunk beds

May this be a lesson to mankind

Never Again