You know you’re hungry, when you are looking forward to Cocopops being served for breakfast, and of course, to my disappointment, there was no Cocopops today. The disappointment was enough to make me return to my room to nap.

A second visit was made to the Notre Dame Cathedral, as there was a procession going on when I first visited it. Hmm.. Maybe it’s because I have seen too many cathedrals, but well, it looks the same as any other that I’ve seen– the similar rooms, the stained glass, the gothic arches, etc.

The afternoon was spent in the Louvre, which is nothing short of a maze for its size. There are 3 wings, namely Sully Rethliech and Devon, containing different mediums of art. Given the fame of the Mona Lisa, Devon (being home to it) was of course my first destination. I must say, audioguides certainly contribute to my enjoyment and appreciation of the Louvre.

I am now waiting for the sun to set, and from experience, it will set at around 11pm. I hope the wait will be worth the while, as Paris is supposed to be one of the top three countries of the world in terms of night view. I’m hoping…

P.S. I waited until 8 pm, but it was too cold, and I left. I didn’t get to see the night.

Inside the Louvre

Inside the Louvre

Inside a Paris Metro