Versailles Day began well, with Cocopops being served at Hotel Le Quercy, my accomodation in Paris, satisfying my chocolate needs for the day.

Following the directions of the harrassed but pleasant French landlady of the hotel, I walked 3 metro stations, to the bus station, where the bus headed towards Versailles.

What can I say about Versailles? French opulence is a neat summary. Besides being more intricate than the Vatican in terms of decor, it also has massive gardens such that the grounds probably take 2 hours, just walking from one end to the other. Unbelievable!

Of course, it was also here that I was first initiated to the wonders of the audioguide, from which I found out that kings actually received guests in their bedchambers! Strange people!

The highlight of the visit was the commencement of the musical fountains. Though nothing on the scale of Sentosa’s laser shows technologically, these simple water fountains spraying away at the various parts of the MASSIVE gardens, with accompanying music is a bit of an exploration tour of sorts. More interesting to me, was the fact that the local French actually picnic in the vicinity as well! (yes, I’m in love with French babies! They’re cute!)

Dinner was a proper meal for once, consisting of what looks like linguini with salmon in tomato sauce, yummy! Notice my ramblings focus more and more on food these days? Well, it’s the result of long term luxury food depravation!


Gardens of Versailles

Gardens of Versailles