Lounge Review: The Club at SEA, South Satellite, 12 Jan 2017

The Club at SEA, South Satellite

Where: Seattle, South Satellite, next to Gate S9 (aka international satellite)

Hours: 6 am – 5.30 pm

Why have I not been here?? Oh wait, it’s in the South Satellite, and every time I fly from the South Satellite, it’s closed.

The Club at SEA, South Satellite is accessible via Priority Pass, but also serves as a contract lounge for several airlines. I actually visited it as part of my Business Class ticket on All Nippon Airways.

Featuring tarmac views and high ceilings, this rather compact lounge is decent, and comparable to other “The Club” lounges in the US. It was pretty crowded when I visited in the morning.

The Club at SEA, South Satellite


When I visited, there was a decent selection of food. It ranged from sandwiches, to soup, to popcorn. There was also instant noodles, and decent packaged snacks, like chips and cookies. The quality of the food was ok.

The drinks selection was also decent. They have beers, wine, and cocktails. Although drinking at lounges is a rarity for me, I actually ordered a Lemon Drop, because I’m a sucker for cocktails.

The Club at SEA, South Satellite


There were quite a lot of servers. Service was brisk, and despite the rather crowded lounge, dirty dishes were cleared very promptly.

The Club at SEA, South Satellite


Available, and decent. Power outlets were also available at more obvious work areas, like the high tables/high chairs.

The Club at SEA, South Satellite


While I’ve not visited the Delta Skyclub, and The Club in Seattle, I’d rate this lounge as my #2, tied with the British Airways Terraces Lounge. They have a nice selection of food and beverages, which is better than the Alaska Airlines Boardrooms. The Amex Centurion Lounge, however, still gets my top vote, because I prefer the quality of their food, and I’d probably never get my ass over to the South Satellite just for this.


Victrola Coffee Roasters

 Victrola Coffee Roasters

310 East Pike Street


Hours: Weekdays – 6.30 – 8; Weekends – 7.30 – 8

Wifi: Yes, and very good. No password required

Price: Slightly higher than average, but it’s worth the price

Power outlets: some, not super

Located in Capitol Hill near downtown, it has always been highly rated, for their unique coffees, and roasting on premise. I finally got my butt over here today. Recently, I switched to drip coffees (vs my usual order of latte), so I got a French press. It definitely tasted unique, as opposed to the generic brew you get elsewhere. Their bean from the day is from Ethiopia, and has a caramel note.

I really like their premises. They probably have seats for about 30 (if everyone squeezes). They have high ceilings, an exposed brick wall with art for sale, and located within the premises is their roastery. They also have amazing windows where you can watch the buzz of capitol hill, and get glimpses of the sunset reflecting on the buildings in downtown. It’s a short walk from the Convention Center in downtown.