Lounge Review: Kigali Pearl Lounge

Kigali Pearl Lounge

Hours: 24 hrs

Access Method: Priority Pass

Location: You will see it to your left after security

Kigali Pearl Lounge

The Kigali Pearl Lounge is a rather large lounge, with a small children’s section, a dining area with dining tables and chairs, but mostly sofa chairs.

Kigali Pearl Lounge

Kigali Pearl Lounge


The food is in a separate room, with a cold and hot buffet. The hot buffet has several options, including soups, pasta, rice, etc. The cold buffet has packaged snacks, snacks, and sandwiches. There are also several juices on offer.

Kigali Pearl Lounge

Kigali Pearl Lounge

Kigali Pearl Lounge

There are several fridges with beer, soft drinks, and water. There is a bar counter with espresso drinks. Top-shelf alcohol is available for purchase.

Kigali Pearl Lounge

Kigali Pearl Lounge


There is a bathroom in the lounge, but the female bathroom looked disgusting when I was there.


Prompt. Dirty dishes were cleared often.

Wifi and Power Outlets

Decent wifi and plenty of power outlets.

Kigali Pearl Lounge


They have some magazines, a long desk with tablets, and a TV streaming news. There’s also a TV displaying flight information.


This is a good-sized lounge relative to the size of the Kigali airport. It’s nothing fancy, but it is a solid option, where you can get a decent meal and drinks.

Kigali Pearl Lounge


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