Flight Review: Economy Class in Malawian Airlines from Johannesburg to Blantyre (JNB-BLZ), ET21

Malawian Airlines

Economy Class


Flight time: 2 hrs

I stalked the seat map availability like a hawk. I was initially in 11 F, but moved myself to 23 F as the back of the plane looked emptier. Bad idea – the plane left full, and I ended up with your cliché stinky guitar guy in the middle.

Malawian Airlines

Malawian Airlines from Johannesburg to Blantyre to Dar Es Salaam was the cheapest option, and was sold as Ethiopian Airlines 21. I credited it to my Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles program, and the points posted about three days after the flight (to my relief). Ethiopian Airlines actually credits 100% on most fare classes to Turkish Airlines if you’re looking for a way to build a nice stash of miles.

Malawian Airlines

The aircraft is a little bit old, and the seats have seen better days. It wasn’t the cleanest, and legroom was average, and not particularly generous. There are also no entertainment options, so bring something to do on the plane. Being a full flight, there was quite a fight for cabin space. I was glad that I got priority boarding with my Star Alliance Gold status, as I was able to get a spot for my bag.

Malawian Airlines

Although the flight was short, it was a full service flight. They served lunch (chicken or beef), but they the time they got to me, they’ve run out of coke light (another reason not to sit at the back of the plane).

I had the beef, which was some sort of beef stew with chuck, and some mash. It wasn’t very good, but it was edible. They also served some sort of strawberry mousse as dessert.

Malawian Airlines


It was a short flight, and while the plane was older, I can’t complain considering the price.


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