Lounge Review: Amushe Lounge, Windhoek, Namibia

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia

Entry Method: Priority Pass

Location: Right after immigration (to your left)

Hours: 04 30 – 18 00

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia

The Amushe Lounge is a beautiful lounge on the smaller side located in Windhoek International Airport. It is an oasis of calm, particularly when the main holding room is overrun with a lot of fliers waiting to board their flights.

The lounge is L-shaped, and divided into three areas. Upon entry, you’ll see the first lounging area with runway views. Adjacent to the lounging area is the dining area with a few tables and a long table/bench combination. Adjacent to the dining area is the second lounge area with mostly-sofas. Bathrooms are located at the end.

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia


There are four hot stations. The food served is substantial, e.g. roast chicken, pasta, enough to make a meal out of it. There is a cold area with cold snacks like salad, cheese, etc. There are also packaged chips, and other snacks on a shelf.

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia

There is self-serve alcohol, and self-serve canned soda in the large fridge. There’s also a coffee machine dispensing espresso drinks.

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia


Available. I didn’t check it out.


Prompt. Staff came around often to pick up dirty dishes and garbage.

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia


It was decently fast, but some other guests had problems latching onto it. There are also plenty of power outlets in the side tables, but some of the outlets weren’t functioning.

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia


There’s one desk top for use at the lounge. There’s also a TV displaying flight information.


The Amushe Lounge is a beautiful little lounge with all the pre-flight amenities. It can get crowded when several flights are scheduled to leave around the same time. However, it’s still less crowded than trying to stand in the main terminal.

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia

Amushe Lounge Windhoek Namibia


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