Kubu Cafe, Livingstone Zambia


Location: Mosi-Oa-Tuna Square (kinda near Fawlty Towers, in strip mall with Shoprite and Hungry Lion)

Hours: Monday – Saturday, 08 30 – 22 00; Sunday, 08 30 – 15 00

Prices: From ~ 15 Kwacha to 42 Kwacha. My iced coffee was 32 kwacha (3.20 USD)

Wifi: Yes. Password protected, ask for the wifi code.

Bathroom: No idea

Capacity: ~ 40

Power outlets: Okay – located at the walls.

Credit Cards: Yes.


Kubu café is one of two cafes in Livingstone, and the only one with air-condition. It is a full service café, so you can get full meals as well. It’s divided into an indoor area and two outdoor areas.

The air-conditioned indoor area is one big room featuring the open kitchen, about five tables seating two to four guests, and a sectional sofa that can seat six people. The first outdoor area is a small fenced area immediate adjacent to the indoor area of the café, with four tables, and a small bookshelf for donated books. The second outdoor area is about 5 m from the café, in the middle of the strip mall, and features about five tables, with a small area dedicated to children furniture.


The full food menu features items ranging from breakfast to dinner, and you can get items from light bites like sandwiches to full meals like BBQ. Its prices are comparable to other mid-range options in Livingstone.

I ordered an iced coffee (more like iced latte), which was decent. The espresso had a clean (if somewhat mild) taste. Caffeine drinks do seem to come with a cute animal sugar cookie.

The service staff was pleasant, the wifi was strong. It’s a nice place to spend some time during the hot afternoon getting some work done, but as suggested at the sign at the door – don’t be the person who hogs the wifi.



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