Sanya First Class Lounge

There sure is a whole lot of nothingness! The Sanya First Class Lounge looks very grand, but the lounge offerings are rather bleak, and I found the furniture very uncomfortable. They do have decent service, though.

The lounge is one big open room, with separate areas created through the use of screens. Within each of these screened options are wood sofas, and wood chairs. They were very uncomfortable, but with the little privacy, I did manage to lie down and nap for a bit, as I got up very early (for me) for my morning flight.

Sanya First Class Lounge

The food and drink on offer is rather sad. They are pre-packaged snacks, quite frankly, not something I’d even buy for myself. The soda and bottled water was pretty ok, and did come in handy, because I was getting on a low cost carrier. Having a bottle of water for the 4hr flight was a nice bonus.

The service was pretty good. They don’t actually have flight update displays, and I’m not entirely sure if they even have wifi in the lounge, but just as I was about to exit, the receptionist informed me that my flight was delayed, so I just went back to sitting on the hard chair for a bit longer.