Union Station

05 50: Gah, who thought it was a good idea for a flight at this hour? I should be in bed.

09 30: Yay! Light rail from Denver is now connected to the airport ($9 each way).

Light rail from Denver International Airport

10 30: We took a nice little stroll from Union Station to our hotel. The Union Station is lovely. Lovely retro desks at a cafe, high ceilings – everything I love. So far so good!

Inside Union Station

11 00: We were graciously given an early check in. I slept for 3+ hours.

15 00: I just wanted to check out the Capitol building. We walked along the 16th Street pedestrian mall. I love the elegant pianos they put out there. We took the free metro back to our hotel.

Elegant Street Piano - I tinkled with it

16 00: One hour of writing at a cafe.

17 30: The +1’s ankle is still hurt so we took the free metro to a station closer to Coors Field.

18 00: We are both fans of Food Network, and the +1 spotted Slice Works, a pizza place. He got a slice of buffalo chicken, while I had a slice of baked potato. I loved the scallion on the pizza.

Slice Works - Left: Buffalo Chicken; Right: Baked Potato

Coors Field

19 00: Game started! I tried a Rockies Dog, because I didn’t find anything else special at Coors Field. It was a hit parade by the Rockies, and the Mets manager got ejected.

22 00: We tried to get a nightcap at the Peaks Lounge at our hotel but it was too busy for us. So we wound up getting a nightcap at the Lobby Bar instead. All in all, an excellent weekend.

Cocktails at Lobby, Hyatt Regency Denver @ Convention Center