New Orleans

I booked this hotel, because SPG is running an Amex keyless promotion (ends 29 Feb), whereby you get 2500 Starpoints for using keyless, subject to a bunch of terms and conditions (It hasn’t worked out for me yet). Do check the list of participating properties before you get too trigger happy with the booking.

Although this is my first Aloft, I do like its sleek design. The furniture is modern, and features clean lines, which I really love. (sorry, not a Victorian/grand hotel type of person)

Check In/Check Out:

I thought I was going to get some notification on my phone when my room was ready, but that didn’t happen. At around noon, I got tired of waiting around, and went to the hotel. They had a room ready, but there were issues with keyless. Check in was fast, though. I had to show my ID, and give them a credit card as security. I was also offered late check-out, without me asking. Check out also involved just returning my key.


Very central. It’s on the business side of downtown New Orleans, but like a five-minute slow stroll to New Orleans. If you want to avoid some of the noise/bustle of the French Quarter, but still be close enough, it’s not too shabby. Aloft occupies the top 4-5 levels of a building, so the rooms start at like the 11th floor or so. I assume most rooms do offer great views of New Orleans.

New Orleans


I got a room on level 16, facing the Superdome and the west part of downtown.

The room is medium-sized. The King bed occupies the center of the room, and by the edges, a desk, a bench, a lounge chair, and a coffee table. There are two large windows featuring views of New Orleans. Although the room isn’t large, its minimalist furniture meant that it didn’t feel cluttered.

The bathroom has a rather open-concept, with the sink open to the room. You can get privacy on the throne, and while showering, by sliding the door close. There’s a walk-in shower and no tub. The toilet/shower area is slightly dim – you probably shouldn’t read a magazine on the throne. Their soap and shampoo are also wall units, which is fine by me.

The wardrobe area also doubles as the pantry, which has a Mr Coffee machine, and below the sink, there’s a mini fridge. I didn’t try out the Mr Coffee machine. There’s also an ironing board hidden behind a nook behind the bed.

All-in-all, they managed to pack a lot into a medium-sized room, without creating clutter.

New Orleans


Complimentary for me, was sufficiently fast, and supports more than one device.


Plentiful. They have some by the bedside tables, and they also have USB chargers by the desk.


They have a pool and a gym room on the 11th or 12th level. The pool looks like a nice place to hang out, except it was too cold to swim in the evening this time of the year. The swimming pool is also accessible-enabled. The gym has about 2-3 regular machines, i.e. treadmill, elliptical.

New Orleans


For purchase. It didn’t look too exciting, mostly grab and go stuff at the food mart/bar place in the lobby. It didn’t seem pricey, but it wasn’t great value either. I guess if you have the midnight munchies and are lazy, it’s not a bad option.