T3 Tirol Madrid

An Indian OTA, Make My Trip, had a promotion, whereby people using their App, would get a 60% discount (up to 2700 INR/40 USD) on all hotel bookings. The sale lasted around 48 hours, and I was fortunate enough to get in on the sale. In Madrid, I booked with T3 Tirol, which is a 3-star hotel in an excellent location by the metro station, Argulles. I paid 27 EUR per night. Overall, while the hotel has a nice vibe, I felt that I had a switcheroo pulled on me, because my single room was more like a glorified dorm room. It’s not bad value, it’s just that, that class of room is not reflected in the hotel’s pictures.

Check In/Check Out:

Fast and painless both ways. All that one can ask for.


Great! While it’s not in the heart of the tourist action, it was probably a 20-min leisurely stroll, and it’s across the street from one end of the brown line, Argulles. So if you want to get around via metro, it’s super convenient. There’s some shopping and food nearby, so there’re options.

T3 Tirol Madrid


It’s a glorified dorm room. It’s clean, but it’s more like a super single bed. When I booked a single room, I was not expecting this.

The bathroom is also like a glorified dorm room. Clean, but very dorm-like. I’ll let the picture speak a thousand words. You would not want to spend much time in the room.

T3 Tirol Madrid


It was complimentary, and it was decent.

T3 Tirol Madrid


Continental breakfast, and it was included in the rate. The pastries were nice. It’s decent, but it wasn’t great, so on the second morning, I decided to check out without breakfast, and take my chances with the Madrid Airport Lounge. (I won that gamble)

T3 Tirol Madrid T3 Tirol Madrid


Not exactly personal, but not rude either. It was certainly quite the case of you get what you pay for.


It was decent value. If I actually paid the full rate (~50+EUR), I’d be very pissed with what I got. The decor of the hotel is actually modern, but I wish I was made aware that I was booking into a glorified dorm room. Great location, though.