I’ve been hoarding my miles for some time now, and given the constant devaluation of miles, it appears that my dream of a round-the-world reward ticket is out the window. Never fear – that just means I’ll be exploring my neighbors! As a poor graduate student, I’ve also recently jumped onto the sweet bandwagon that’s called miles and points, and putting all my monthly expenditure (yes, that includes rent!) into my credit cards to get some sign-up bonuses. This is definitely paying for quite a bit of my trip! Well, because it’s an award flight, the itinerary is quite sucky. But hey, I get to travel for (almost) free – can’t complain!

26-27 August: Seattle – Los Angeles – Mexico City – Panama City

27 August: Panama City- Havana

28 August: Havana, Cuba

29 August: Havana, Cuba

30 August: Havana, Cuba

31 August: Havana – Panama City – Bogota

01 September: Bogota, Colombia

02 September: Bogota, Colombia

03 September: Bogota, Colombia

04 September: Bogota – Panama City

05 September: Panama City, Panama

06 September: Panama City, Panama

07 September: Panama City, Panama

08 September: Panama City, Panama

09 September: Panama City – Atlanta – San Francisco – Seattle