A note

I started this blog sometime back in August 2010. I’ve been on a lot of trips before that; I’ve been on a lot of trips since then. I’ll try to update them as much as possible, and write up the backdated ones (I do keep a little notebook with me on trips). Anyway, here’s a list of trips to be written, and I will update this post as and when I’m done with them (well, mainly this is also for me to keep tabs on what remains to be done):

          1. 2010-2011: Bunch of stuff to do in Washington State
          2. December 2010: Turkey, Jordan, Syria (done)
          3. July 2010: Shanghai, Hong Kong (done)
          4. June 2010: Vietnam
          5. May 2010: Sarawak, Malaysia (Itinerary)
          6. May 2010: Hokkaido, Japan (Itinerary)
          7. Jan-Feb 2010: India (In Progress)
          8. October 2009: Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Itinerary)
          9. September 2009: Burma (done)
          10. June 2009: UAE, Iran, Greece (done)
          11. May 2009: Philippines (Itinerary)
          12. May 2009: Macau, Hong Kong
          13. February 2009: Bali, Indonesia
          14. February 2009: Central Highlands, Vietnam
          15. May-July 2008: Hanoi, Vietnam and Guangxi, China
          16. December 2007: Taiwan
          17. October 2007: Canada (Itinerary)
          18. September 2007: Bangkok, Thailand
          19. May-August 2007: Laos, Vietnam, China (Itinerary:Laos, June)
          20. May 2007: Guangzhou, Hong Kong
          21. May-July 2006: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
          22. August – December 2005: Nanjing, China (done)
          23. July 2005: Thailand (done)
          24. May 2005: Sabah, Malaysia (done)
          25. December 2004: Indochina (done)

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