We got off the cruise at around 5.45 pm, and were met at the port by my dad’s regular taxi driver/friend. It was a quick 30 min ride back to Taipei.

Nothing much to report today, but we did have a really good dinner. We walked to the back alley of our hotel, and went to this place called Du Hsiao Yueh/Slack Season Noodles/度小月, which specializes in Tainanese street food. They even have a little noodle stand in the lobby area of the restaurant, and is pretty cheap. A basic noodle costs about 2 sgd. We all had a noodle each. We also ordered four other dishes – fried oysters, fried cuttlefish, fried shrimp cakes, and a cooked salad with shrimps. This cost us a total of 40 sgd for three people. They were all very tasty – I highly recommend this. I also popped over to the froyo place beside Slack Season Noodles for some dessert.

Du Xiao Yue

Du Xiao Yue – they try to give a 1880s feel at the entrance

Danzi Noodle at Du Xiao Yue

Danzi Noodles

Fried shrimp cake at Du Xiao Yue


Fried shrimp cake