Not much happening today, as it was a travel day. But this must be the most fancy travel day I ever had. As the cost of an economy ticket, and an economy deluxe ticket was the same on Eva Air, we upgraded to business class. The sweetness started with the check-in. We went to the premier check-in, which was completely separate from the general area. After checking in, there was a separate entrance to the immigration area, after which, we went to the business class lounge, where they had food, drinks, and massage chairs for you to wait around before going to the boarding area.

The chairs were pretty sweet, and as it wasn’t a particularly high season, there were lots of empty seats, including the one beside mine. The chair actually flattens out fully, though at an angle of sorts. After lunch, I took a 1.5 hr nap on the chair/bed, and woke up with none of the aches associated with awkward sleeping postures on planes. They also served our lunch on proper dinnerware, so I guess that’s kinda nice? The main was rather forgettable, but the appetizer, and the dessert was good. Kinda wish I actually had that kind of moolah to fly business from Singapore to Seattle. That would definitely make the journey way more bearable.

Also, for once, I was by the window seat that was not by the wing. So, I managed to get some nice aerial shots of Taiwan, which really captured the diversity of its landscape.

By the time we got to Taipei city, it was 7.30 pm, so there was nothing left to do, except have dinner. My dad and his Taiwanese friends like this Teppanyaki Restaurant, Xinlin/信林 at No. 147 sec. 1 Ta-An road, Taipei. It is a short walk from Zhongxiao Fuxing metro. Not sure about the price, but the portions are big for Teppanyaki, and it tastes good, too.

We stayed at San Want Hotel again, which is just above the Zhongxiao Dunhua metro. It is somewhat pricey, but has a really good location. There are online deals that are more than half off the rack rate, so shop around.

Eva Air Business Class

Eva Air Business Class

Dessert on Eva Air

Dessert on Eva Air Business Class

Aerial picture of Taiwan coast to mountain


Aerial shot of Taiwan from coast to mountain at sunset