Cafe: Starbucks at Rochester Park, 09 October 2012

Of all the Starbucks, I think I find the least objection with this one. Housed in a beautify colonial black and white, it has two stories, and both indoor and outdoor sitting. It’s also about 5 min walk from Buona Vista station. The Rochester Park area still feels forested (though it’s not, it just feels that way), so it is pretty zen to be sitting here. Standard Starbucks prices, they have fairly long opening hours as follows:

Sun – Thu, public holidays: 08 00 – 23 00

Fri, Sat, eve of public holidays: 08 00 – 00 00

Do ask for a mug instead of a paper cup if you plan to sit here for long. Save one paper cup, ya?

Other important stuff:

Free wifi – yes

Power plugs – somewhat sufficient

Starbucks at Rochester Park

Smallest heart I’ve seen in a latte



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