Another classic Macau/Hong Kong trip with the folks, i.e. daddy got the itch to gamble.

With the exception of Tiger Airways, there are no real direct flights going from Singapore to Macau (who woulda thought!). Nevertheless, no reason to fret. If you do want to head to Macau from Hong Kong, it’s actually pretty easy. You don’t actually have to even go into Hong Kong. There is a direct ferry link from Hong Kong International Airport, and you don’t have to clear immigration. Just look for the signs in the Hong Kong International Airport, buy your ferry tickets, and you’ll be on your way.

This time, we stayed at Galaxy Hotel, which is just beside Venetian Macau. It touts itself as the only integrated resort in Macau to date, and its facilities are pretty impressive. They have quite a number of pools, including a wave pool, a lazy river, and a jacuzzi, and a fake beach. Be sure to bring your access card with you, if you want to check out their facilities. It’s a pretty packed facility, so expect the usual waits, e.g. check in, dinner, etc. You’re advised to book in advance if you want to have a buffet dinners at one of the dining establishments that offer them. I do kinda like the casino, as it is bright, as opposed to some other casinos, which tend to be dim. Call me cheap, but the free milk tea they offer in the casino is pretty good, too!

After a day in Macau, we headed towards Hong Kong. I did my usual round of shopping and eating, but that has become somewhat routine. I decided to explore another suburb this time round. As it was hot and my aching feet were killing me, I opted to take a bus to Tuen Mun. There is a pretty nice waterfront promenade, where you can get views of ships/tankers docked far from shore. It is also possible to go to some of the outlying islands and Macau from Tuen Mun pier.

Come night, my family decided to explore the seafood options at Leiyu Mun. Here, you are supposed to be able to shop for your own seafood by weight, and bring it to one of the several restaurants available, and ask them to cook it according to your preference for a fee. It can get pretty pricey. Four seafood dishes worked out to more than 400 SGD for the five of us.

Galaxy Hotel (and its pools)

View from Tuen Mun Promenade

Shopping at Leiyu Mun

Leiyu Mun at Night