Everett is a small city that is about 40 miles from Seattle, and takes about 1hr by bus to get there. The downtown is probably about 8 by 5 blocks or thereabouts, and well-connected to other cities by the rail and also metro. It is also home to Boeing Airfields and another airfield, and in terms of sports, it’s home to single-A Seattle Mariners-affiliate Everett Aquasox, and WHL hockey team, Everett Silvertips. It is by the Puget Sound, so some water yews are to be had.

I got there around noon, and was in the mood for a snack, so I tried Taco Del Mar for he very first time. The fish taco is pretty good, and comes with jalapeño slices at request, so it packs a punch. Definitely a repeat on my list! They have some nice old buildings and cool quaint cafes that I planned to check out. But the chosen workplace for the day was the Everett Library. I wasn’t expecting much going in, but that is a pretty library – high ceilings, double-storied windows that has a view of the Puget Sound. I was pleasantly surprised. They also have a decent cafe in the library, so that ended my day.