I split from my family today, as I had some shopping to do. They went to Shatin, and Wong Taishin temple, which was conveniently on the same subway line as Mongkok. I went to Kowloon.

Having stayed in the hotel in Kowloon in my previous visits, I decided to try and do something a little different. I have always walked by Kowloon Park without ever going in. I decided to walk through it this time, rather than walk by it. It was a nice oasis of calm and green from the hectic pace of life in Hong Kong, and the horrible haze. I also went into the free Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre, and took a look at the temporary exhibition, where they showed photos of old Hong Kong buildings, and had a pretty good write-up on the architectural heritage of Hong Kong. Wish I could remember anything from that! In any case, it was a nice little break.

I went on my little shopping spree (quite a lot of my clothes come from Hong Kong), with a little break in between, where I went for the tasty macaroons at Jean-Paul Hevin, which is located in the long mall that runs from Harbour City to Ocean Terminal. It is a little closer to the Ocean Terminal. When I turned around, lo and behold, I saw a battleship (American?) with choppers aboard. You do get some interesting surprises sometimes, when you least expect it!

After my little shopping spree, I decided to just walk around the Kowloon area. Going with my tourism philosophy of letting random signs lead me to cool places, I followed signs pointing to Heritage 1881, which led me to the Hullett House/Hotel. This sea-facing building used to be government administrative buildings including the fire station, police headquarters, and stables. It also functioned as a guide for seafaring navigation. I had their afternoon tea set (280 HKD/~40 SGD), which was nice, but also kinda pricey. I guess I was paying for the ambience? So that ends my day of adventures.

Kowloon Park

More macaroony goodness from Jean-Paul Hevin

Hullet House

Afternoon Tea at Hullet House