We arrived in Lima in the afternoon, and immediately got mobbed by taxi drivers. B did a good job of scouting around, and after asking a few people, we managed to find the way to take the combi (walk outside the airport towards the right, and wait a little after the overhead bridge, on the same side of the road), a Peruvian mini-van that serves as a means of public transport to Miraflores for 2 soles (about 0.40 USD). They were quite crazy the way they actually cramped people. Even after the combi was full, people were cramped in, and had to crouch all the way to their destination!

After arriving at Dragonfly Hostel, we decided to go get a proper meal. At the suggestion of the people at Dragonfly, we went to a Peruvian sandwich place, La Lucha. I had a lechon sandwich for 8 soles (1.20 USD), which I thought was slightly pricey. It is also famous for its juices. It seemed pretty popular with the locals, so I guess that’s a good sign! We then took a little walk around Kennedy Park (named after JFK), where there were Spanish-looking churches and a municipal building. That ends our first day in Peru, as we lay on our beds for a much needed rest after some 16 hours of flying to get to Peru.

Inside the combi to Miraflores

Lechon Sandwich at La Lucha

Kennedy Square