USA – Las Vegas, NV to Los Angeles, CA, 22 March 2011

Not much planned for today – it was a travelling day, where I take the four-to-five hour drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, the last part of our road trip, though there was some time pressure, as we were trying to get to Los Angeles in time for our Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns game in the evening at 7 pm.

It was an easy, not exactly inspiring drive, compared to the drive to Death Valley National Park, but I got to eat In&Out, so that was nice. The various state highways running around California and the great area of Los Angeles is simply insane! I was like turning round and round, and had no idea where I was going. I am not sure how other people do it. Thankfully, it was not frustrating for me, as with our three-person car, we were able to hit the carpool lane.

The Lakers vs. Suns game ended up being more than what we bargained for. It was a super tight race, that ended only after the fourth overtime, with the Lakers winning. I know many people have issues with the way Kobe Bryant plays, but he was seriously worth the money.

In & Out Burger

In & Out Burger: Mine is the one to the left – a double meat, Animal-style. Thanks J for tips on ordering

Staples Center

Staples Center

Inside Staples Center

Inside Staples Center – LA Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns

Kobe Bryant doing a Free Throw

Kobe Bryant doing a Free Throw


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