With most of the major sights in old Istanbul covered, my two travel companions decided they wanted to see modern Istanbul (I passed out from exhaustion). It was a great suggestion! We used quite a few means of public transport to get there, and some of them were just awesome fun!

First off, we took the train to Eminou, for the Spice Market before we make the crossing. I did finally loosen my purse strings at the spice market, getting some spices for cooking when I get back, and different sorts of tea for various people.

After our little shopping detour, we decided to walk across the bridge. There were many people fishing on the bridge, with varying degrees of success. Amazing that they can deal with the wind!

We then proceeded to try and locate the furnicular. Built in 1875, it is Europe’s second oldest underground metro after London. I didn’t enjoy it that much, as it being underground meant we didn’t get to see anything. But after exiting from the furnicular, we boarded an antique tram, which reminds me of the tram in Hong Kong, the difference being, it’s not a double-decker. I stayed in the conductor and driver’s compartment, which gave me a great view, as the tram made its way through the shopping district of modern Istanbul.

Next stop was lunch break that involved more swarma in one of those cafeteria-like establishments. Most of the dishes were under 10TL (~7USD). We worked off our lunch by strolling down the path that public transport brought us up, admiring the architecture and some of the shops in modern Istanbul. I particularly liked the street that was above the furnicular. It had a very artsy vibe, and seemed to be frequented by students, and had quite a number of shops selling musical instruments and cheap fruit juice. (most were around 2TL/1USD)

We got a glimpse of life in Istanbul beyond tourist sights, and that I enjoyed thoroughly.

Spice Bazaar

Turkish Delight



From the Tram, Looking Out

Walking through Modern Istanbul

Walking through Modern Istanbul

Seen in Modern Istanbul

Hooka Cafe