As catching the train to NYC depends a lot on the kindness and availability of Mr D, Mr D was too busy today, so I ended up hanging out in the D’s house.

I guess the afternoon meant that I got an idea of how a community in the suburbs work, based on talking to Mrs D. There are social events, like Thanksgiving and Christmas sales at church, weekday bowling sessions, and other activities that are centered on the community.

Also, there are other things that I would never have figured out in Singapore, or living in a city. Things like gathering and chopping firewood for winter, clearing the gutters for winter. And the barbeque not being a special occasion, but a thing you use to cook your dinner with. And coyotes in the yard.

Today, I also met Mr. Atticus, the family cat whose presence I was not aware of, as he lives in the basement. Nice fella! Too bad I didn’t get a picture of him.

Shall end with a picture of their huge yard, and Peekskill, the town where I take the train from. It is charming in its own way.

Autumn in Cortlandt Manor

Peekskill and the Hudson