I took the opportunity of the Veterans’ Day weekend to take my first trip to the East Coast of the US. First stop? Big Apple.

Flying into Newark was a breeze. I took the Newark Airport Express , which was about 25 USD for a return ticket. That brought me to the Grand Central Station in Manhattan in about 45 min.

As it was the Veterans’ Day parade, M and I spent time trying to avoid getting caught in it, so much of our time was spent with him trying to show me the sights, while dodging the parade. We managed to see the Rockefeller Center, the ice rink in front of it (I started this trip with grand plans to skate in it), and took a long walk in Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum.

We spent a fair amount of time in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has quite a broad definition of art. Interesting, my favourite gallery is not of the paintings (there are quite a few Van Goghs), but the one of weapons, and armour, and how ornate they were. It tickles me to imagine a macho man holding a pistol that has elaborate flower designs. πŸ˜›

They have a pay as much as you want (recommended price: 20USD) system for entry. I paid 10 USD, since I am a student, and that is the recommended price. Ok, if M didn’t pay, I think I might have just like paid 5 USD or something. But in any case, it is worth your every buck, and well, it takes a while.

After the Met, I was dead beat, as I barely got any sleep on the plane to New York. We eventually ended up at White Castle, as I had to try it after watching Harrod and Kumar go to White Castle. The burgers were tiny, and not spectacular, but I can imagine how it would be good party food. When I was placing my order, a couple of guys came in to get like 300 sliders to go.

Grand Central

Inside Grand Central

30 Rock

Ice Rink in front of Rockefeller

Skating rink in Central Park

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

A Beautiful Pistol

Van Gogh

White Castle

Horse Patrol

Times Square at night

Nautical theme