Last day of my trip before the Fall quarter involved going around the Ks’ routine, which was great for me, as I was just there to hang out.

We went to a dog park, which was huge. I guess this is one of the things that I do like about the US – the amount of recreation spaces. That is the one thing that Singapore seriously lacks, well, partly due to space limits, but I also suspect due to the lack of will to accommodate all things non-commercial.

After Ramsey got his time at the dog park, we went to an Asian supermart. It does feel like we are back in Asia. I can see my grandma walking down one of the aisles, and not feeling out of place, except her friends won’t be there with her.

Lastly, we had lunch at a Vietnamese place. As R noted, we were surrounded by Vietnamese who seem to have known each other forever, and they simply brought their way of life from Vietnam, and moved it to the US. It was pretty eye-opening for me, and in some ways, I guess I felt a little sad for them, and even more emotional attachment to what I am studying.

All manners of sauces

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